Hacks to Good Sleep & Nutrition

I consistently see clients trying to ignore or outrun the most important element in their health routine: consistent high-quality sleep. Check out our segment on ABC 7 Let’s Talk Live and hear a summary of […]

Happy Fit Holidays

Check out our hacks for getting through that holiday party without completely wrecking that healthy diet you have so worked so hard for.

Betsy’s Story Pt. 3 Nutrition

I finally got it right. After 10 months of balancing my hormones, getting my blood sugar in check, and restoring my gut, it was time to focus on my nutrition. Throughout those 10 months and […]

Betsy’s Story Pt. 1 Wellness

Wellness above all else. In my mid 40s, I followed my passion, opened a fitness studio, and completely wrecked my health. How’s that for irony? Two years into this fitness adventure, I was so sick. […]

Betsy’s Story Pt. 2 Movement

Chill the heck out. I first taught aerobics classes at Penn State: Cardio Fit and Butts & Guts (in a thong in the main gym if you can believe it! So cringe-worthy!) before graduating to […]